Bugs by Emily Bone

Illustrated by Cinzia Battistel

Designed by Zoe Wray

Hardback, $4.99; Library Edition, $12.99

Series: Young Beginners

Recommended for Ages 3+

Bugs is a beautifully illustrated, non fiction book that introduces young children to the world of bugs through bits of information.  Learn about butterflies, bees, moths, beetles, and many other bugs. Discover what and how different bugs eat, where they live, and their life cycles.  The larger text and full page illustrations make it easy for young children to absorb all the pieces of information on each page.

The Young Beginners Series includes a great selection of non fiction books that introduce younger kids to the world around them.  Other titles in the series include Baby Animals, Dinosaurs, Flowers, Seashore, and Woodland Creatures.  These books make learning new subject matter less intimidating and more fun!

Once graduated from the Young Beginner series children can move on to Usborne’s Beginner Series that features even more topics including a variety of animals, astronomy, castles, planes, and more.

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