Muddle and Match: Imagine by Stephanie Hinson

Board Book, $8.99

Series: Muddle and Match

Recommended for Ages 3+

Multiple stories is one, Muddle and Match: Imagine is an interactive mix-and-match book.  Each page is divided into three flaps with text on the left side and a character on the right.  By mixing up the flaps children can create different characters, each having their own unique story.  Imagine includes stories about an explorer, witch, superhero, fairy, cowgirl, mermaid, and others!  Regardless of the flap order, the story will still make sense! With a variety of characters and stories to be made this book will surely have kids coming back again and again.

The Muddle and Match Series includes five other books, including, Jobs, Jungle Animals, Monsters, Sports, and Adventure.  Each of these titles allows children to create a unique experience every time they read.  These books also feature alliteration within the text, making the stories fun and educational.  Overall, if you are looking for a great book that allows children to be creative, while also enhancing their reading skills consider Imagine or one of the five other titles in the Muddle and Match Series.

Take a peek inside Muddle and Match: Imagine!