For boys and girls interested in sports here is a select list of fiction and non fiction books that cover a variety of sports.  Whether your child wants to read about a favorite character participating in a sporting event or they want to learn more about a specific sport Usborne Books & More has a book for them!

Billie B. Brown the Soccer Star

The Soccer Star is the second book in the Billie B. Brown series. The book series centers around Billie B. Brown and her adventures.  Each book can be read on its own without any prior knowledge of the series.  The Soccer Star focuses on Billie trying to prove to the boys that she can play soccer just like them!  Recommended for ages 4-7

Hey Jack! The Winning Goal

The Winning Goal is the third book in the Hey Jack! series, featuring Billie B. Brown’s best friend Jack.  Like the Billie B. Brown series these books can be read alone or in conjunction with the rest of the series.  The Winning Goal centers around Jack being put in the goalie position when all he wants is to score a goal!  Recommended for ages 4-7

Sticker Dressing Sports and Extreme Sports



The Sticker Dressing sports books contain pages of characters ready to be dressed up for their big game or other sports event! These books provide a fun way for kids to learn about all different kinds of sports.  Recommended for ages 5+


Cycling is a non fiction book that introduces children to all different kinds of cycling, including, BMX, mountain biking, and road races.  Within the book are internet links to safe websites that have further information on cycling and video clips.  Recommended for ages 8+

The Little Football Story Series

The Little Football Story series includes five customized titles, including, The Little Bears, The Little Browns, The Little Rams, The Little Skins, and the Little Vikes.  Each book places the reader onto a real football team where they learn the ins and outs of the game and what it is like to play on a team.  Recommended for ages 4-8

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