1, 2, 3…By the Sea by Dianne Moritz

Illustrated by Hazel Mitchell

Paperback $6.99

Recommended for Ages 3+

Join a young boy as he enjoys a day at the beach with his mommy and dog, Max.  From sunrise to sunset the boy, his mommy, and Max have an activity-filled day at the beach.  Readers can count along with the characters as they spot surfers, sea gulls, jelly fish and more.

While the words are minimal, through rhyme and descriptive words the author pulls you into the story.  Each page focuses on a different beach activity and the accompanying words perfectly describe any sights, sounds, and movements that are seen or felt.

Filled with rhyming and counting 1, 2, 3…By the Sea is a perfect book for keeping kids in engaged while reading.  Beautiful illustrations on each page along with the rhythmic and short, descriptive text make you feel like you are spending the day at the beach with the characters.  1, 2, 3…By the Sea will get you excited about your next trip to the beach!