Here is a list of books that introduce kids to pet animals and to the concept of having a pet.  This list features both non fiction and fiction books centered around animals that make great pets.  By reading through these titles children may not only have a better understanding of what a pet is, but be prepared to help take care of one!

Cats, Cats! and Dogs, Dogs!


Cats, Cats! and Dogs, Dogs! are great books for young children to learn about various characteristics of cats and dogs.  On each page is an adjective that describes a different type of cat or dog.  Recommended for ages 2-6

My First Kitten and My First Puppy


My First Puppy and My First Kitten teach readers the responsibilities of owning a pet.  Through the characters of Sam and Fram children will learn all about how to take care of a dog or cat. Recommended for ages 5-9

Olga da Polga

Olga da Polga is a fun-filled, illustrated book about the adventures of a guinea pig.  She lives in the Sawdust family garden and is joined by a cat, hedgehog, and turtle.  Although fiction, this title would be a great way to introduce kids to other types of pets, besides cats and dogs.  Recommended for ages 6+

Penny Dreadful is a Complete Catastrophe

Penny Dreadful is a Complete Catastrophe is part of the Penny Dreadful series.  In this title of the series join Penny through three different stories as she deals with the class pet rat and uses her pet cat to try to cheer up heal her Gran in the hospital.  Recommended for ages 8+

Beginner Series Cats or Dogs


Cats and Dogs are nonfiction titles in the Beginner series that teach elementary school children about cats and dogs. With beautiful illustrations and fun facts on every page these books are a wonderful introduction to all things cats and dogs.  Recommended for ages 6+

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