The Usborne Science Encylopedia by J. Tatchell

Hardback, $39.99

Library, $47.99

Reduced Format – Paperback, $19.99

Recommended for ages 9+

Usborne’s Science Encyclopedia is jam-packed full of information in the form of both text and graphics that covers all scientific fields.  Whether you want learn more about biological processes, the stars, chemical reactions, geology, or other scientific topics you can find it in the Science Encyclopedia.

The text is written in an easy digestible format.  For the visual learners there are plenty of informative graphics that help illustrate particular scientific terminology.  QR codes and internet links to even more educational resources are found throughout.  The back of the book contains a timeline, list/description of key inventors and scientists, and A-Z scientific terms.

This encyclopedia does not just spit out facts for children to absorb.  For example, a fun feature is the “See for yourself” sections where you can find activities and experiments that encourage children to explore certain topics on their own.  Also towards the end of the book is a multiple choice assessment to test your knowledge.

Whether a child needs extra help with their science homework, paper, upcoming test, or is just interested in learning more about various scientific topics Usborne’s Science Encyclopedia is a great resource!  For those who may be interested in other subject areas Usborne offers a selection of additional encyclopedias that I have links to below.

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