The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales by Stephen Cartwright and Heather Amery


Hardback, $24.99

Recommended for ages 2+

The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales contains twenty stories about the Apple Tree Farm in one combined volume.  Each story is self-contained so you can read only one at a time or read several in a row without feeling lost.  Some of the titles included are Pig Gets Stuck, The Runaway Tractor, The New Pony, and The Old Steam Train.  Throughout these stories you will meet various characters and learn all about the daily life of people and animals on the farm.

Every page is beautifully illustrated and filled with plenty of things for little ones to point out and name.  Also found on each page is two rows of text.  The top row can be read by itself to make the stories shorter for younger children.  The bottom row includes a few more sentences with additional description, and conversation for older children.

The complete volume also includes a few additional features.  At the front of the book find a colorful map of all the sites you encounter in the book including the Apple Tree Farm, Apple Tree Station, Apple Tree Village, and Apple Tree Wood. The book also includes a table of contents for the stories, making it easy to quickly find your child’s favorite.  An attached bookmark makes it easy to stop and start anywhere in the book.   The combined volume also comes with a narrated CD that is great for keeping kids entertained in the car.

Usborne’s Complete Book of Farmyard Tales is great for children of all ages and at various reading levels. With simple sentence structures and colorful illustrations these stories are perfect for keeping young children interested.  Additionally, having the option to read one or both rows of text allows for a different reading experiences depending on the reading level or current attention span of your child.  Farmyard Tales is definitely a must have for families who enjoy reading short stories.

Lastly, don’t forget to find the yellow duck on every page!