Lift-the-flap Opposites by Felicity Brooks

Board Book, $13.99

Illustrated by Melisande Luthringer

Designed by Meg Dobbie

Series: Lift-the-flap

Recommended for ages 4+

Opposites, from the Lift-the-flap series, is an interactive book that teaches children all about opposite words.  This board book takes you on a journey through different scenes like the ocean, jungle, town, and park.  In each scene there are several flaps with words and images that when opened unveil the opposite to that word.

The colorful illustrations make this a great book for visual learners.  Whether your child can read or not they can learn something from Opposites.  By using visual clues in the illustrations children can point out the differences between the images found on either side of the flaps.  Also, throughout the book there are other activities like searching for certain objects or answering specific questions about a particular scene.

All in all, Opposites is a great book to introduce kids to opposite adjectives and verbs.  The different real world scenes make it easy for kids to relate these words to what they see and experience everyday.  The entire Lift-the-flap series focuses on engaging children while reading and learning.  You can find other books in the series on a variety of topics, including, computers and coding, numbers, colors, shapes, and general knowledge.

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