Billie’s Great Desert Adventure by Sally Rippin

Hardback, $10.99

Illustrated by Alisa Coburn

Series: Billie’s Super-duper Adventures

Recommended for ages 3+

Billie’s Great Desert Adventure follows Billie B. Brown, from the popular Kane Miller chapter book series, in an illustrated book for younger readers.  This is a great book to introduce young children to Billie B. Brown.  Join Billie and her best friend Jack as they create their own fun adventure through a desert on a rainy day at preschool.  Just after finding treasure in a cave and thinking they were safe, a group of thieves chase them through the desert trying to take the jewels that Billie and Jack took.  Will Billie and Jack escape the thieves and make it back to their classroom?

The adventurous story combined with full page illustrations makes Billie’s Great Desert Adventure the perfect book to read to your children or to encourage your child to read themselves.  The text found throughout the book is a combination of traditional sentences and dialogue bubbles.  Each page has just enough text to support the story, but not too much to overwhelm young readers.  If you enjoy Billie’s Great Desert Adventure or are interested in her preschool adventures check out Billie’s Underwater Adventure, Billie’s Jungle Adventure, or Billie’s Yummy Bakery Adventure.

After graduating from Billie’s Super-duper Adventures make sure to check out Billie’s Mystery Series or the Billie B. Brown chapter book series.

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